Trans 101 | Nonbinary Awareness Week

Since coming out as nonbinary, I've dealt with a lot of questions and confusion from people who had only the barest idea of what it meant to be transgender. It can be difficult to field those questions yourself; it's taken me years to figure out and feel secure in my gender, and I can't just … Continue reading Trans 101 | Nonbinary Awareness Week

Nonbinary Book Recs | Nonbinary Awareness Week 2020

This week, 12 - 18 July 2020, is the first ever Nonbinary Awareness Week! Today, the 14th of July, is International Nonbinary People's Day, and from now on the week that day falls into will be Nonbinary Awareness Week. I figured I would use my abandoned blog to spread some of that awareness! Today's post … Continue reading Nonbinary Book Recs | Nonbinary Awareness Week 2020