Hello, readers

Nice to meet you!

Hello. I’m Isa. I am a 22 year-old classics student from the Netherlands with a fondness for Greek mythology, writing, books and travel. (I like other things too, but these are the things I want to feature on this blog.)  In March 2016 I started my bookstagram (an instagram account dedicated to books), @sneirrbooks, and the wonderful community I discovered there has given me the courage to try more.

I’ve wanted to start a youtube channel for a while now, but as I’m trying to get my bachelor degree sooner rather than later, I really don’t have time for that. (Plus, I’d need to save for a microphone and possibly a new camera, figure out how to edit, etc.) So I decided a blog would be a nice compromise, at least for the time being. With that I don’t mean I’ll delete this blog as soon as I find the time to start a youtube channel, but that I hope to start a youtube channel and continue writing this blog at the same time.

About this blog

The blog title Putting Wings on Words is derived from the Homeric phrase ‘winged words’. Apart from being a reference to the Iliad and the Odyssey, it conveys the feeling of anxiety I get whenever I put my words out in the world. Yay!

On this blog I hope to publish posts in several categories: books, mythology, travel and my own writing. Occasionally those categories will inevitably overlap, and there might be some posts about me and my life as well – you know, in the case of a life-changing event or if I really need to rant about something. There is also a chance I might add new categories – I’m already thinking about writing movie and TV show reviews as well.

Go ahead and follow this blog to receive email updates whenever I post something, and in the meantime, feel free to talk to me in the comments or any of my public social media places.


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