Bookish New Year’s Resolutions

I was never the kind of person to make New Year’s Resolutions, because I didn’t see what was so special about the first of January. Sure, a new year has started, but if I want to change something about myself the 15th of March or the 28th of October are equally good dates to do that. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t make any resolutions on the first of January. Or, you know, the 15th. So here they are: my New Year’s resolutions. Or January the 15th resolutions. Whatever you want to call them.

1. Spend less money

During the past year I’ve been spending a lot more money on books than before. Now, I like buying books, and I’m not going to stop entirely. I just want to be a little more selective. From now on I’ll only buy books 1) I need for university; 2) in series I’m collecting; 3) with amazing discounts; 4) that are rare (but affordable). Any other books I can get at the library.

2. Get a library card

I suppose this one speaks for itself.

3. Read more diversely

This year I want to read more books by and about people in marginalized groups. One of the reading challenges I’m doing this year is an LGBT one, and I hope I can find a lot of interesting books that way. I’m also trying to be a little more aware of who the authors of the books I read are, so that when I do read a book of, for instance, a POC or a member of the LGBT community, I’ll actually know it.

4. Spend less time on the internet and more time reading

I don’t know how this is gonna work out since I just started a blog, but at least my time on the internet will have something to do with books…

5. Write more

University takes a lot of time and so I haven’t been writing much during the last three and a half years. Since I’m in university for at least two and a half more, I think it would be a good idea to try to find more time to write. Even if I just write some fanfiction, I need to keep doing it or I’ll never publish a book. (I won’t publish a book writing fanfiction either, but at least I’ll be practicing my skills. And who knows, if I write really good fanfiction it might still get published… (I doubt it though.))

6. Have fun

Above all I need reading to be fun. So if I can’t make the requirements for my reading challenges, then I’m not going to worry about it. It’s not about winning. And if I do beat all my challenges this year, then yay! I won! – but otherwise it’ll still have been a fun reading year. (This is the attitude that keeps me from being a sore loser (because I secretly am).)

Did you make any reading resolutions this year? And would you like me to make a post about the challenges I’m doing for 2017?


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