March book challenge

March book challenge

For a while now I’ve been thinking about making a book challenge related to Greek mythology, for the two simple reasons that I love doing book challenges, and I love Greek mythology. In the end I decided to just do it and wrote some prompts down – and here we are. At first I chose March because I knew I didn’t have time to work on the challenge in January, so I’d have to use February for that. Then I realised I actually started my bookstagram a year ago in March, and that gave me the final push to do it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea of book challenges, let me explain. Over on #bookstagram – instagram’s hashtag for booknerds – a lot of people like to host and participate in monthly challenges. There’s a prompt for each day of the month, and everyone who participates posts a picture with their interpretation of that prompt using the challenge’s hashtag. Usually the hosts are very easygoing and don’t force you to participate every day or post everything in time. There are always people catching up or only doing a few of the prompts, so there’s no need to worry about that. Just try it a few times and see what you like. The hosts will be happy to see your posts whether you’re timely or not.

Now, I’ve got a little twist to my challenge. Since I love talking about Greek mythology, I wanted to do something more with that than just come up with fun prompts. So every day I will not only post a picture on my bookstagram, corresponding to that day’s prompt, but I will also post something about the mythological person the prompt was based on. This could be in the form of an informational post, a profile on that specific hero or god, or a story retelling a myth. So don’t worry if you don’t know some or any of the names in the challenge – just do the prompt and you will be able to learn something when I post on the blog that day. (Or you can google it if you’re impatient.)

Now on to the actual challenge. I will explain the prompts below in case they’re not clear – however, you’re allowed to interpret them any way you like.



  1. Eos – a new dawn, a new TBR. Simply post a picture with your TBR – to be read – for this month.
  2. Chaos – origin story. This one has many options: post a book that is the origin story of its main character, post about a character who has a great origin story, make up your own origin story for someone, etc. Go wild.
  3. Herakles – demigod book lifting. Lift as many books as you can and take a picture of it (or have someone take a picture of it). No actual demigod powers required. Don’t overdo it, please, I don’t want you to get hurt. Just lift one really big book and say it weighs a ton or lift a lot of small ones, so it looks like you’re stronger than you are.
  4. Tiresias – weird stories. Time to show off the weirdest books you’ve ever read!
  5. Achilles – show your heels! #SockSunday. Haha, I made a joke about Achilles’ heel. I’m hilarious. (Take a picture of any book you want and some awesome socks.)
  6. Echo – quote. Quote your favourite quote.
  7. Midas – golden books/letters. Take a picture of some golden books, or books with golden letters on them.
  8. Medea – the side character that does all the work (International Women’s Day). So this prompt exists because I freaking love Medea and I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t (not really (I’m too scared)). We all know those characters who are a big help to the protagonist but don’t get the recognition they deserve. Today is the time to show them some love! (And bonus points if the character is a woman and/or written by a woman.)
  9. Hyacinthus – LGBTQ+ characters/books. Your favourite LGBTQ+ character or book.
  10. Narcissus – fell in love with the cover, didn’t like the book. Take that #aesthetic picture of the cover you fell in love with and complain about the book and how much you were let down in the caption.
  11. Hermes – translated books. Post a book in translation. Source and target language don’t matter, as long as it’s been translated!
  12. Orestes – moral dilemma. Tell me about the books that made you question everything because of the difficult choices the characters had to make.
  13. Persephone – book and fruit. This one speaks for itself. Take a picture of a book and some fruit.
  14. Athena/Hephaistos – a technical book (Pi Day). Celebrate Pi Day with a book about maths or any other technical thing. In ancient Greece this would mean books pertaining to both art and science, so you pick whatever interests you! Bonus points if you bake a pi(e).
  15. Caesar – fanfiction recommendations or your favourite headcanon. Do you read a lot of fanfiction? Do you wish bookstagram talked more about it? Now is your time to shine! If you don’t read fanfiction, tell me about your favourite headcanon, or write some fanfiction of your own…
  16. Antigone – a character who stands up for what they believe in. Show some love to your favourite rebels!
  17. Io – caught in the middle. Ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? No? Well, then post about a character who has.
  18. Ariadne – a character who deserved better. Talk about that character who was left behind, killed or in any other way inconvenienced, but deserved that happy ending, dammit!
  19. Daphne – book and tree. Basically, go outside. Unless you have a tree inside your house. (Or just outside the window so you can pretend you went outside.)
  20. Odysseus – a character who can talk themselves out of anything (World Storytelling Day). Nothing bad will ever happen to this person because they’ll find a way out through cleverness. They’re terrible but you love them. (The theme of World Storytelling Day is transformation this year, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the prompt. Feel free to incorporate it though.)
  21. Orpheus – enchanting poetry (World Poetry Day). Share a poem that even the rocks and trees would want to listen to.
  22. Poseidon – sea of books (World Water Day). The #seaofbooks tag can be done in various ways. Use a lot of blue books, or put a bunch of open books together to create a sea-like picture. I’ve seen a lot of other creative takes on this, so feel free to experiment!
  23. Semele – be careful what you wish for. This trope is present in many stories, so pick one you want to talk about! (Or one that looks pretty in a picture.)
  24. Dionysos – recommend a book from your country. It can be in English or another language, as long as the author is from/lives in the same country you do! This day is also my bookstagram anniversary!
  25. Bellerophon – fantastic creature (Tolkien Day). This one doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with Tolkien, I just thought I should mention it in case you really love dragons or any other creature present in Tolkien’s works. Just share a fantastic creature that you love, from any story.
  26. Apollo & Artemis – book siblings. I think this one is pretty clear as well. Show your favourite siblings from any story, or your own siblings reading books. (Please ask them permission to post their picture though (unless they’re really annoying (but really, they have a right to privacy)).)
  27. Oedipus – dramatic irony (World Theatre Day). If you don’t know what dramatic irony is, google it, or read Lemony Snicket’s explanation in The Reptile Room (or watch the Netflix series). Then take a picture of a book that is very dramatically ironic (that’s not how you say it).
  28. Perseus – a character who beat impossible odds. For those times when you thought they were never going to get out of that situation, but then they did!
  29. Pandora – a book you’re curious about. I don’t think I need to explain this one. Interpret it however you want.
  30. Hades – book haul. Take a picture of all the books you bought this month! You may also include books borrowed from people or the library, or books you got for free. Just, all of the books you acquired this month, in one picture.
  31. Nike – victorious wrap up. A wrap up of everything you read this month. Be proud of yourself! You made it through another month! You won! You won the month. Good job!

As I said, you can interpret these prompts in any way you like, so don’t let my explanations limit you if you had something else in mind. Please let me know whether you will be joining, and if you have any questions, please ask them. I’ll be hosting this challenge on instagram, but I do also have tumblr and litsy, so tell me if you’d prefer to post there and I’ll keep track. It would be very helpful if you’d let other people know you’re joining too by reposting the challenge picture above. Use the hashtag #marchmonthofmythology on all your photos relating to the challenge so I can find them!

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