Harry Potter: the Exhibition

Harry Potter: the Exhibition is a traveling exhibition of props and clothes used in the Harry Potter movies. It’s currently in Utrecht – click here for more information. When my best friend and I found out the exhibition was coming to the Netherlands, we knew we had to go. We bought tickets as soon as we could, and a week ago we finally went there!

The exhibition contained tons of props, from wands to books to models of fantastic beasts. Costumes of all the main characters and many side characters were shown on mannequins. It was quite dark inside, so the quality of my pictures isn’t great; you’ll just have to take my word that the displays were amazing!

Above you can see some of the larger props. I was very surprised to find that giant creepy clown from Prisoner of Azkaban (exactly how is that thing less scary than a snake?)! I also learned that a lot of the CGI creatures were based on life-size models. In the case of Buckbeak, it could even move! Unfortunately this one didn’t move, but it was still very impressive. As was Hagrid’s hut – it makes you realise just how enormous Hagrid is.


The Forbidden Forest and Dark Arts parts of the exhibition were some of my favourites, but unfortunately they were even darker than the rest, so none of my photos worked out very well. I did love these posters.

The last part of the exhibition was all about the Great Hall at Hogwarts, where we got to see some of the Yule Ball clothes and decorations up close, as well as some items from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and… Dobby! After that, we went into the shop, which was unfortunately way too expensive, but the fact that the shelves were designed as various wizarding shop fronts was a nice touch. Pretty much everything you could get there is available on the internet for less, though, so we didn’t buy anything.

There’s lots more in the exhibition I didn’t tell you about (I don’t want to spoil all the surprises in case you plan on going). They really have some amazing items. We also got the audio tour (I think it costs €5) which was a great addition. The signs don’t give a lot of information, but on the audio tour some of the prop and costume designers talk about the thoughts and/or difficulties behind several of the pieces. I especially enjoyed the recordings of the costume designer: she gave some very interesting insights into her thought process.

Have you been to Harry Potter: the Exhibition, or do you plan on going? Feel free to share your experience or ask questions in the comments below!


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