The birth of Apollo and Artemis

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology.

Apollo and Artemis are both important gods who appear in many different myths, often separate, but sometimes together. They are the twin children of Zeus and Leto. If you’ve kept up with my posts (or know anything about Greek mythology), you know that Hera doesn’t take kindly to Zeus’s lovers – especially if they’re pregnant. Leto wasn’t a mortal princess, however, but a descendant of the Titans, part of the same generation as Zeus and Hera themselves. This means she was immortal, and Hera couldn’t torment or kill her in the way she did mortals.

That doesn’t mean she couldn’t do anything at all. Hera forbid Leto to give birth anywhere on solid land. Leto wandered all across the world, but no one would shelter her. Finally, she came across the island Delos, which wasn’t really an island back then as it wasn’t stuck to one point: instead it drifted around the Mediterranean. Leto promised the island would become a famous place of worship for being the birthplace of her children. On this island-that-wasn’t-an-island, she could finally give birth. Artemis was born first and then assisted in the birth of her brother (proving already that she’s the badass of the twins).

Afterwards, Delos was secured in place with four pillars, and it did indeed become a place of worship for Artemis and Apollo, complete with temples and an oracle.

Apollo & Artemis – book siblings

IMG_0613For today’s prompt I chose The Hidden Oracle as a representation of all of the books set in the world of Percy Jackson. Camp Half Blood is filled with siblings and half-siblings, and there are some pretty important sibling relationships. Bianca and Nico di Angelo, for instance. Of course Apollo and Artemis are in these books as well. I love reading about sibling relationships in books, probably because I have three brothers myself. This is also why I love thinking/writing about Apollo and Artemis. There are many more siblings and half-siblings among the Olympians, but they seem to be the only two with a typical sibling relationship.


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