Unboxing: March Bookly Bird box

A little over a month ago I discovered the Bookly Bird subscription box. They’d unfortunately just announced they would be unable to continue making their boxes, but I was lucky enough to be able to buy their very last box. The theme of that box was ‘fantasy’, so I was very excited about the items and the book I would be getting!

The box contained quite a lot of items, because they added a few extra ones from past boxes. The extra items were a Vampire Academy poster, a sample of Furthermore and a few bookmarks. I’ve already read Furthermore (you can find my review here), so I think I’ll give the sample to a friend. I haven’t read the Vampire Academy series yet, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty good. Maybe this poster will push me to start reading it…

Now, let’s get to the items that were selected specifically for this box.

These items were:

  • ABC (American Book Center) tote bag: it’s bigger and sturdier than most tote bags so I think it can hold quite a lot of books!
  • Shades of Magic bookmark by Skinny Hues: it looks beautiful and I’m definitely going to use it when I start the Shades of Magic series.
  • Lord of the Rings ring clip: you can take the replica of the One Ring off and it’s wonderfully detailed. It’s a little small, though: it only fits my pinky. I suppose it’s still hobbit sized.
  • Harry Potter buttons: I’ve seen these around and thought about buying them before, so I’m glad I didn’t! I’ll have to give the Ravenclaw button to my boyfriend (or another Ravenclaw), but I can definitely use the others.
  • and finally, the book: Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas.


I hadn’t heard about the book before, so naturally I googled it. The reviews seem to be mixed, but mostly positive, and say that it’s more of a murder mystery set in a fictional historical land. I love murder mysteries and historical fiction, so I hope I’ll like this book!


All in all, the Bookly Bird fantasy box was a good one. I loved all of the items and I’m interested to read the book! It’s truly a shame they can’t keep going, but I’m happy I got to order their last box.

Have you ever ordered a subscription box, bookish or otherwise? There are so many great ones out there, but unfortunately most of them are based in the US or the UK and I just can’t afford the shipping costs! Bookly Bird was based in the Netherlands, so I’m doubly sad to see it go. Luckily there are two other Dutch subscription boxes (that I know of), Celebrate Books and Book Vault. I’ve already ordered the A Court of Wings and Ruin themed box from Celebrate Books, which I’m very excited about! (I also entered an instagram rep search for the US based LitJoy Crate. Fingers crossed!)


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