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In February I made a post about the reading challenges I would be participating in this year (2017 Reading Challenges). One of those was the 2017 LGBT+ Reading Challenge. I haven’t mentioned it yet in my monthly wrap ups, because I haven’t read any LGBT books yet… but I haven’t been slacking completely! Because I hadn’t found the time yet (what with a book club and another reading challenge) to read any books for the LGBT+ challenge, I went on a bit of a webcomic spree. I figured I’d share them here!

Below is a list of 18 webcomics, short and long, completed and ongoing, that I’ve read and liked/loved. Several of these are also available as ebooks or physical copies.

Dinner Ditz by Alexis Cooke (m/m)

Author’s synopsis: Peregrine, a divorced dad, is a disaster in the kitchen. He’s a threat to himself and all those around him, including his beloved daughter, Lottie. So it’s up to Otho, a recent victim of Peregrine’s cooking chaos, to step in and show him how it’s done, so he can wow Lottie instead of terrifying her the next time she visits!

My rating: 3,5 stars. A cute, quick read.

Between the Raindrops by Tashina Kalmbach (m/m)

Author’s synopsis: The human Prince Dhirendra and the King of the woods, Kanandev, have been at feud with each other for several seasons. But when one of them looses his will to fight, what will happen?

My rating: 4 stars. Beautiful art style and a fairytale-like story.

Sink! by krayonela (f/f)

Author’s synopsis: A silent love story about a surfer and a mermaid.

My rating: 4,5 stars. This one is just beautiful! The only ‘negative’ thing I can say about it is that I wish it was longer.

On Her Guard by Laisanen (f/f)

Author’s synopsis: A short story about a Mermaid Princess and her Bodyguard.

My rating: 3 stars. I love the art and the story, but it’s very short.

Waterlily by Tatiana Fiermonte (trans woman)

Author’s synopsis: Waterlily is a short comic about a trans girl who grew up swimming and loving the water, but eventually had to leave it behind due to her body dysphoria and eventual transition. Deciding she’s ready to swim again, she and her girlfriend take a trip out to the beach, but, well… it’s not that simple.

My rating: 4 stars. Short but sweet. Once again amazing art.

Girl & Boy by MasterLoki (nonbinary)

Author’s synopsis: Some things cannot be so easily categorized, least of all, people.

My rating: 3 stars. A short comic about the life and thoughts of a nonbinary person, part of a series called Spaces in Between.

asexual by autumn (asexual)

Author’s synopsis: An autobiographical comic depicting stereotypes and whatnot that I encounter due to being asexual.

My rating: 3,5 stars. Simple but beautiful art style. I could imagine this as a short animated film. (You know the kind of animation style where the lines tremble and wriggle a little? That’s how I imagined it.)

Erie Waters by Joanne Kwan (m/m and f/f)

Author’s synopsis: The waters of Lake Erie hold many secrets, but what truly lies at the bottom is lost to history. That is until an average unassuming guy stays the week at his aunt’s lake house.

An atypical ghost story.

My rating: 4,5 stars. I don’t really know what to say except that I loved it!

Night of the Beasts by Ahmara Smith (m/m)

Author’s synopsis: Growing up hearing fantastic stories of monsters and epic quests, things don’t go according to Alcides’s plan for his life. He always wanted to be a Night more than anything, fighting off creatures and saving helpless townspeople. But, it’s hard to live your dreams when you have a herbologist’s store to inherit. One day, to his luck, a quest is left unanswered on the Adviser’s Board. No one will accept this mysteriously cryptic mission, but Alcides knows just the guy.

My rating: 3 stars. I loved the art style, the world building and the story. Sometimes I felt like it went a little too fast, though, like I’d missed something. (But I might just not have been paying enough attention.)

Winterspell by MasterLoki (m/m)

Author’s synopsis: A nomadic hunter keeps himself busy in the winter in the face of his husband’s absence, continually counting down the days until they reunite.

My rating: 3 stars. A short comic that will make you smile!

Princess Princess by StrangelyKatie (f/f)

Author’s synopsis: Amira and Sadie are two very different princesses who decide to take their happily ever after into their own hands.

My rating: 4 stars. A colourful and cute art style fitting of a colourful and cute story!

Dear Amanda by Cathy G. Johnson (f/f and trans)

Synopsis (from comicsandcola): Bélen, a cis soft butch, keeps looking up at Ginette with the dumb smile of a young shonen hero. Ginette, a tall blond trans woman, wavers between engagement and guardedness. Bélen’s letters to the unseen “Amanda” pile up throughout the story.

My rating: 4 stars. Beautiful art and intriguing story.

Sonnet by Lindsey Rogers and Emily Cheesman (m/m)

Author’s synopsis: An all-ages fairytale comic told in a series of seven Shakespearean sonnets, about two knights that meet by chance while slaying a dragon.

My rating: 4 stars. I just love this art style and the setting. There’s also a very cute black and white bonus comic.

Inhabitant of Another Planet by KaiJu (bisexual(?)) – prequel to Novae

Author’s synopsis: Raziol Qamar is the assistant and apprentice to the great astronomer Christiaan Huygens in Paris in the mid-17th century. While Huygens has welcomed Raz into the scientific community, he nevertheless feels like an eternal outsider, always seen as a foreigner and an exotic novelty, in spite of all his years in the city. Or at least that is until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger sets his life on a new course…

My rating: 4 stars. I love the main character, Raziol, and the setting of this comic is very interesting!

Novae by KaiJu (bisexual(?)) – ongoing

Author’s synopsis: It is 17th century France, the age of discovery and scientific revolution. Sulvain, a mysterious traveler, is absorbed in the Parisian academic scene. Through his friendship with the renowned Christiaan Huygens, Sulvain has the chance to study the latest discoveries of the distant cosmos. Deep in the library of Academy of Sciences, however, our traveler will meet Huygen’s apprentice – Raziol Quamar – who will truly spark new lights in Sulvain’s universe. But as the two grow closer, trouble brews in the city.

My rating: I feel like it’s too early to rate this one, but I expect good things after reading the prequel!

Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu (m/m) – ongoing

Author’s synopsis: Eric Bittle—former Georgia junior figure skating champion, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year playing hockey at the prestigious Samwell University in Samwell, Massachusetts. And it’s basically nothing like co-ed club hockey back in the South. For one?

There’s checking.

It’s a story about hockey and friendship and bros and trying to find yourself during the best 4 years of your life.

My rating: 4 stars. This comic is just a lot of fun – and then it gets emotional sometimes.

Heartless by Emily Griggs (asexual + other queer characters) – ongoing

Author’s synopsis: It’s 1852, and Clara Adams has had her future planned out for her: find and marry a proper young man, then settle in for a life of quiet obedience and domestic bliss. She’s resigned to her fate, until a bout of curiosity leads to her untimely murder, and resurrection, at the hands of monsters that she’d never dreamed might be more than fictional. Death brings Clara unexpected freedom, along with new dangers and the sudden weight of responsibility. Thrust into unlife with no way back, Clara has to learn quickly, for her unique gift might tip the scales in the secret war against her murderer for control of all London!

My rating: 3 stars. A story filled with mystery and intrigue, and vampires.

Goodbye to Halos by Valerie Halla (all the queer identities) – ongoing

Author’s synopsis: Goodbye to Halos is an action-adventure modern fantasy webcomic with an entire cast of queer characters, starring a gay trans girl and her weird friends!

My rating: 4 stars. This one just looks so beautiful, the story and world building are amazing – the only reason I’m not giving it 4,5 or 5 stars is because I don’t know how it ends yet!

Do you read webcomics often? Do you know any of the ones I’ve mentioned here? Please comment with your own opinions and recommendations!

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