Bookish candles: Veelboekenliefde

A while ago I bought some candles from the Dutch shop Veelboekenliefde. They’ve just started out and are at this time selling five different candles: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Parabatai, Belle and Beast (sold as a set) and Niffler.

I bought the Beauty and the Beast set and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and I’m very happy with those purchases.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party smells like raspberry and green tea and as you can see it has a bright pink colour. It smells sweet, but with the slight sourness of the raspberry and the green tea scent it’s quite a subtle scent that’s not too sweet. I think it fits the theme perfectly!

The Beauty and the Beast set consists of the two candles Belle and Beast. Beast smells like hot fudge and coffee. When I first smelled the candle (before burning it) I felt like I could eat it because of the fudge scent! While the candle is burning the scent is a little more subtle and the coffee comes out a bit more. Belle was my favourite, however, with a wild rose and lavender scent. Rose and lavender are probably my two favourite scents, so it’s not really a surprise that I love it. To me, this is the perfect scent!

Unfortunately for my international followers, Veelboekenliefde only ships to the Netherlands and Belgium. I definitely recommend these candles to my Dutch and Belgian followers, however! I’m very happy to have found a shop where I can buy candles without insane shipping costs… (And for anyone who’s interested: there will be a candle from Veelboekenliefde in Celebratebooks‘ English June box ‘Flowers & Armour’!)

Have you ever bought any bookish candles? I recently ordered candles from another shop as well (Romemadecandles‘ Hogwarts House box), so there will be a post up about those soon!


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