Bookish candles: Romemadecandles

A while ago I ordered a Hogwarts House candle box from Romemadecandles, a Dutch bookish candle shop. They have a themed box containing four small candles every month. The May box is High Lords and Festivities, and last month’s Lunar Chronicles and Hogwarts Houses are still available in the etsy shop.

As you probably suspected, the Hogwarts House box consisted of four candles, each representing one of the Hogwarts Houses from the Harry Potter series.

Gryffindor smells of aromatic wood. It has a beautiful bright red colour, and I could definitely imagine the Gryffindor common room having this scent.

Hufflepuff is a very nice shade of yellow, and smells of orange blossom. I haven’t burned it, because I’m planning to give it to a friend. It already smells great unburnt, however, so I have no doubt she’s going to love it.

Ravenclaw might be my favourite colour – dark blue that looks like a clear night sky when it’s melting. The scent is white tea and ginger, which I think fits Ravenclaw very well. It’s very nice, but not conventional; it’s very special and my second favourite.

Slytherin is my favourite candle of the four, which is perfect because it’s my House! It’s a beautiful dark green that matches my Slytherin notebook and prefect pin exactly, and it has another slightly unusual scent: green tea and lemon grass. It’s warm with a hint of freshness.

I recommend these candles wholeheartedly to anyone living in the Netherlands or Belgium (unfortunately Romemadecandles doesn’t ship to other countries (yet?)).

Earlier I reviewed candles from another Dutch candle shop, Veelboekenliefde (which has recently started to ship internationally within Europe). Click here for that post.


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