2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but in case you missed it: 2018 is over in less than a month and a half. [Pause to let the shock wear out.] I hope you can all put your existential crises off for a while, because I have an announcement to make! Yes, indeed, I’ve made a reading challenge for 2019.

This challenge has 30 prompts in total – 5 times 5 regular prompts and 5 bonus prompts. I didn’t want this to be about reading as many books as possible, but more about having fun prompts to choose which books to read. That’s why there are no rules! You can pick one of the 5-prompt lists, you can pick one prompt from each, you can combine one list with another or even try to combine all prompt lists – seriously, do whatever you want. The different themes could be less or more challenging depending on what you usually read, so I hope there’s something in there for everyone. You can find the challenge graphic below, and I’ll post mini graphics of every separate 5-prompt list on my instagram.

Keep reading for more details on the prompts!

Graphic with all the prompts of the reading challenge. The same prompts are listed below.

2019 Reading Challenge – #pwowreadingchallenge19

The Classics

  • Read an award-winning book. Any book that has won any kind of award.
  • Read a poetry collection from before 2000. This means any poetry written before 2000, even if that collection was published later – so if you want to read the Little Black Classic with Sappho’s poetry, for instance, that counts!
  • Reread your favourite book. If you have multiple favourite books, pick any one of them. If you have no favourite book, just pick a book you really liked.
  • Read a book written before 1900. Again, it doesn’t matter when the specific edition or translation you’re reading was published, as long as the book was originally written before 1900. And if you really love poetry, feel free to read another poetry book!
  • Read a translated book. AKA a book in translation, no matter the original language or language of the translation.


    Buddy-read a book. Read a book together with a friend, or join a readalong.
    Read a book you got as a gift. Doesn’t matter when you received the gift – I know I’ve had some lying around for years…
    Read someone else’s favourite book. Reading someone’s favourite book is a great way to get to know someone better!
    Read that book that people keep recommending you. They’ve got to be on to something, right?
    Read a book with strong family bonds. I personally love reading about a good sibling relationship, but anything goes!


  • Read a graphic novel. (Or a comic book, or a webcomic…)
  • Read an audiobook.
  • Read an illustrated book. It doesn’t matter how many illustrations there are or how many words!
  • Read a book from the library. This can be an ebook or an audiobook or a book from a library sale too.
  • Read a poetry collection from after 2000.


  • Read a book by a woman of colour.
  • Read a book with positive representation of a disabled character.
  • Read a book by a muslim author.
  • Read a book with a diverse cast of characters. That is, with multiple characters of different marginalised groups.
  • Read a book by a queer person of colour.


  • Spring: read a recent release. You can decide how recent – whatever works for you!
  • Summer: read a book outside. Or mostly outside, if that’s better for you. It doesn’t have to be a long book.
  • Autumn: read a gloomy book.
  • Winter: read a cozy book.
  • Read something seasonal.

NOTE: You don’t have to read any of these books in the season they’re related to, though of course you can if you want to.

Bonus: Challenge Yourself

  • Read a book in another language. ‘Another’ meaning other than the language you usually read in, other than your native language, or whatever you want to make of it. You can decide how challenging you want it to be! You could even read a book with a translation and original text side by side so you can cheat 😉
  • Read a book in a genre you don’t usually read.
  • Read an indie book. An independently published or self-published book.
  • Read a book you’ve owned a long time but never read.
  • Read a book aimed at an age group you don’t usually read. This could be anything from a picture book to an adult literary fiction!

If anything is unclear, please leave a comment! I will probably do a list of recommendations for each prompt in the near future. I hope you’ll join me in this challenge! If you do, and post about it on social media, use the hashtag #pwowreadingchallenge19 so I can find your posts. I’ll be looking for it on twitter and instagram.

Happy reading!

20 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenge

  1. I’m really annoyed with myself because I set up my 2019 reading journal the other day and forgot to include your challenge in the beginning with my other yearlong challenges. So now I have to put it at the end and be annoyed every time I have to turn the pages… Ohhh the joys of being anal retentive about my journals!!

    None of this should take away from the fact that I love this challenge and think it’s brilliant. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I keep forgetting to come back and make a note of the prompts, and now I’ve finally got here I’ve realised I’ve done some of them already – yay! I think I might be completely extra and try and do all of them…

    Liked by 1 person

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