Asexual characters I’ve written

This is a post for Asexual Awareness Week 2017. I posted a poll on instagram asking whether I should post a small part of an unfinished short story featuring two ace characters, or some information on the ace character in the novel I'm working on. The vote was very close, so I decided on a … Continue reading Asexual characters I’ve written


Weird myths: Baby Hermes

It's been ages since I did a mythology post! After my review of The Dark Prophecy, I think it's about time. This one even features Apollo! Being a baby is for babies If you've read my post about Hermes, you know I promised you a weird myth. So let's get on with it! First, try to imagine … Continue reading Weird myths: Baby Hermes

Pandora’s jar

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology. Today I'm going to dispel a few (for lack of a better word) myths about the myth of Pandora. Number one: there was never any box involved. Prometheus gets on the Olympians' nerves This all begins with the Titan Prometheus. He was one of the … Continue reading Pandora’s jar

The birth of Perseus

This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology. Perseus is well known for his fight with Medusa. The most incredible thing about him, however, is how he was conceived, because it was supposed to be impossible. Prophecies ruin everyone's life King Acrisius was worried that he would never get a son; so far … Continue reading The birth of Perseus


This is a post for my March book challenge, #marchmonthofmythology. Yesterday I told you the story of Semele, which ended in Dionysus's birth (twice). Now we move on to his youth. When I first read about this, I was surprised: Dionysus was one of the twelve Olympian gods, yet he started his life as a … Continue reading Dionysus